A perfect sunday afternoon?
Hmmmm let's see....
90° + Central Park + Gil Scott Heron + Common
yeah that about does the trick!

Just returned from a wonderful trip to Long Island. So....I board the LIRR(train)for my journey back to the city, and choose a seat next to a man that instantly looked familiar to me. I keep sneaking peeks at him,nope can't place him. As we exit the train I see he has a camera strapped to his back, and at that moment I realize who I have been sitting next to! The one and only Bill Cunningham! Wearing the blue jacket, reading the New York could I have missed it?!? Damn!!!!
© 2010 The New York Time

Every time I'm in New York, in the Bronx, walking down this street, stopping at this corner, (summer, spring, winter, fall)he's always here. Usually hanging out the window chatting with people from the block, but I obviously caught him on a break. I don't even know him but I hold my breath until I get to the corner, and am always happy to see he is still here.

Stumbled into a bodega that had the illest postcards of scenes from NY circa the 80's, photographed by Geneieve Hafner.I pretty much bought the whole stand. This one for me pretty much sums up the feeling of summer in this city!

Heading to the sweltering,sticky,humid,bright,sunny coast of the east for the summer!

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