Photo Shoot & Interview with Alexandria from Skribbled Skirt


Alexandria & I met once upon a time in a journalism class. On first glance I wasn't sure if she was a model but was 100% that I wanted to shoot her. As the semester wore on I learned there was more than meets the eye. Not only is Alexandria a model, but a stylist and blogger. We made plans to connect in the future, and eventually came together at Baker Beach in San Francisco for a sunset shoot.

How long have you been modeling?
9 years.
Scout, San Francisco 



What is your favorite and least favorite thing about modeling?
Favorite: My favorite thing about modeling has always been the people. I am so blessed to be able to go to "work" with other creatives. On test shoots, the best way I can describe it is a fountain of ideas. Even though the water is recycled, it never shows up in the same place or looks the same as before it went back into the pipes.

Least Favorite: The measurements. I think that will be the answer from a lot of models. Yes, the modeling industry is evolving to be more body conscious, but it is still all about the measuring tape. It has taken a mental toll on me in the past, but I don't let it bother me anymore. I know I am doing the best I can to always improve and keep doing what I love. 

I think the most important thing for girls who want to pursue modeling to know is that no one is in charge of telling you your worth or beauty but yourself. Once you love and appreciate your own body, as hard as that may be, you will see positive change. If you only run half a mile one day instead of a mile, be thankful you made it past the 1/4 of a mile mark. Making things small accomplishments and congratulating yourself for those accomplishments makes a world of a difference.

The measurement topic is a touchy one. All women are beautiful and strong, no matter what. The positives do out weight the negatives in this industry. There is so much support that comes from your fellow models, photographers, stylist, and beauty artists.





Covering many aspects of the fashion industry you model, style along with manage a fashion blog while going to school. Which part of the industry do you favor the most? And what are your future career plans? 

Modeling will always have a large piece of my heart. I do want to pursue my modeling career as much as I can. I say that getting this degree is for something when my modeling career is over. I do believe in following where the wind takes you, so I am more than excited to see where these 3 distinct doors lead.

I had officially started calling myself a "stylist" last December. I had been styling my own photoshoots for years, but I never realized what I was actually doing.

This new job label came to me with supportive and welcoming arms. My connections in the Bay were so willing to have me style their shoots! All of these connections are people that have been on teams I've modeled for. I guess my quiet suggestions to stylists and my outfits I arrive to set in made an impression on them!

Fashion blogging was a kind of "Aha" moment. I always dabbled with a the idea since I got to college, but I didn't have the courage. The fashion-blogger-pool is so populated and I struggled where I could bring a unique aspect to the table.

I did find that I missed posting my adventures and outfits on my now modeling Instagram account. Having the blog and its Instagram reopened that door for me. People have been super supportive, and things are growing. It is certainly going slow, but good things come with time!

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How long have you been blogging/ When did you launch Skribbled Skirt?
February 6th was my first blog post. I launched and posted on the same day. Coach was the brand that validated my thoughts of being a fashion blogger. I was half-awake one morning going through emails. (Never a good idea.) An email from a Coach social media team member was in my inbox.

It read that they had found my modeling Instagram account, and they thought that I was a social media influencer. That was the first time I heard that word! They sent me a free clutch from their Rexy the Coach Dino collection along with contracts to sign and powerpoints to study about brand aesthetic.

I felt like I was becoming something with that email, and that I was doing something right. My blog's first post was all about that bag. It was the first professional blog photoshoot I directed and set up!




What is the blogs premise?
It has now evolved to vintage and thrifting. I try to wear something of those categories in every post, but that doesn't always happen. I always post about the importance of buying quality over quantity and loving what you buy. I knew I wanted to focus on the sustainable fashion aspect, but didn't know how to deliver it.

At first I didn't know what my angle was. Coach is definitely not an animal/environment friendly brand. They use leather. Do I regret my collaboration and post about them? Absolutely not. It solidified my ambitions and proved I was moving up the ladder. Am I more conscious of the products and garments I wear? Yes! It's important to stick to your brand. If I do wear a leather item, it is either vintage or coming from a brand that sources it safely, respectfully, and has a good cause behind it. Research is key in this industry!

I am just getting my feet wet in this realm of the fashion world. My advice to people starting a blog but not knowing exactly what your focus is post about what interests you everyday. Write them down and connect a personal story or thought to go along with them. You will start to see similarities in some of the topics, and that will give you guidance.



Can you talk about your affinity for vintage clothing? What are some of your favorite vintage shops?
My love for vintage clothing exploded when I moved to the Bay Area from Wisconsin.

I never realized how much clothing connected to the vibe and culture of an area. I come from a place where flannels and steel-toe boots are common place. I was never one to sport that look, but I knew that those were signatures of the place I grew up. In the Bay, there is color, diversity, vibrancy, and being eclectic was the norm.

I took a Fashion History class my first semester of college. That was my eye opening experience to how clothing has a part in our world's novel. It is a form of expression that can't be portrayed in any other way. It's pride, emotion, and in all of its cliche-ness: armor. There is an evolution in fashion that is so beautiful. It causes change; it came from a need. I could go on forever with this, but what I will say is that the history of our creative minds and their creations have much more of an impact on society than the world realizes.

Vintage is my window into the past. I can see how stitching was done, what styles were popular and how they effect our trends now. Materials come and go, and quality shifts are so impressive to watch. Thrifting keeps people out of fast-fashion companies who destroy the environment. I have never condoned the thought that animals, all other wildlife, societies, and ecosystems have to be disrupted for our vanity.


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