From the Dance Studio to the Photo Studio, Interview with Professional Dancer, Keanu Brady

Creative play dates are my favorite. From the dance studio to my impromptu photo studio, I was ecstatic to shoot portraits and chat all things dance with my friend and professional dancer Keanu Brady.  As a creative, it is always an honor when your craft and passion becomes full-time. Keanu has stepped into his niche as a dancer paving a career for himself within the San Francisco dance community. Whether in rehearsal for an upcoming performance, teaching a dance class or training in the gym he is always on the move. 

Currently performing with: LEVY Dance & FACT/SF

Did you always want to be a dancer? How did you first come to dance?

No, I wanted to be a professional skateboarder, or veterinarian. 

Movement has always been in my life; comes with the nomadic upbringing. What pushed me over the edge to deciding to dance was my mother presented me with a choice when I was 15. Watch the movie Step Up, or be grounded for two months. I begrudgingly watched the movie and WHAM. Thank you Channing Tatum for teaching me dance doesn’t only happen in a studio or on stage. I immediately started dancing anytime I had a radio tuned into Utah’s number one for hip hop 92.5. Free styling in parking lots with the car doors open as my mom was doing the errands. 

What three words would you use to describe your dance style? 

Fluid, meditative, evolving

What excites you the most about a career as a dancer?

The ability to create community; share vulnerable spaces without words; and continuing to use dance as a way to understand the world. 

Can you describe how you would go about developing a dance routine? 

It depends on what I’m researching. Sometimes I start with movement and add music; or vice versa if I’m loving a song. Making a dance is like sculpting. You have a giant piece of marble (the idea of the dance/dancers I’m working with/piece of music) and its a constant listening routine of allowing the movement to speak to me or whether I need to push the movement to express itself. 
Most of the dance I make is a collection of improvisational movement and sets of choreography. 

What’s the most common misconception about dancers?

That our lives are rainbows and butterflies. It’s not. In my opinion the life of an artist requires us to be the most of ourselves, in a world that doesn’t support uniqueness. It’s like fitting a large marble into a square space. 

Have you suffered from any dance related injuries? 

Many, a broken hand, sprains in all the joints, but the recovery from each teaches me something I didn’t know

How do you get inspired?

Live life to the fullest, reflect, and stop to enjoy the infinite little beauties of life. 

Outside of dance how do you stay fit? 

Over the last two years I’ve started a gym regiment of 4-6 days a week. Resting. And staying active with other kinetic forms (ie yoga, Pilates, other dance classes)

Any advice for aspiring dancers? 

Don’t be afraid to ask for support. Find your limits, accept them, and mindfully push them (without getting injured). It’s okay to fall out of love with dance, it’s a relationship that never leaves your life if you keep pursuing it. 

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