Los Angeles Fashion Week-Candice Cuoco X Vanessa Simmons X Bad Butterfly Collection

Bad Butterfly is the ultra-feminine women's wear collection designed by two filthy feminists Candice Cuoco and Vanessa Simmons. The collection is the perfect marriage of the two designers, feminine and girly with hints of sharp and edgy mixed in. Flowers and butterflies adorned breezy silk dresses faceted with leather studded trim. The collection hosts looks ranging from bright floral and sexy to structured black leather looks rocked by finger wave clad babes. Corseted tops cinched in waists and chokers that read "choke me" wrapped around the neck. A blue and white off the shoulder jumpsuit that appeared innocent was rocked with an overcoat that had “Go Fuck Yourself” embroidered on the back in the most feminine of fonts. The lines between lady-like and bad ass bitch were definitely blurred in the metamorphosis of this collection. 

Photo Shooting at Ocean Beach, San Francisco X Umber & Ochre

The Graffitied walls of Barcelona, Spain

I've always been obsessed with graffiti. I attribute it to growing up in the graffiti covered New York of the 80's. I knew Barcelona would be a visual treat in this sense. The gothic alleys of the city are virtually covered in paint, and everywhere you turn there is a tagged up treat. Barcelona  reminded me a lot of Rome (Rome post here). These two cities with their old architecture and graffiti covered alleys has this girl head over heels in amor. 

Eating my way around La Boqueria Market in Barcelona, Spain

Located in the heart of Barcelona, La Boqueria, is one of the most famous food markets in Europe. The market is full of life, and activates all the senses. The sounds of languages from a variety of countries fills the air along with smells that change depending on which part of the market you're in. Upon entering through the wrought-iron gates you are greeted with rows of colorful fruit stands. The fruit comes in a multitude of choices, from cut-up pieces in cups to ice packed shelves of juices from an unimaginable number of combinations (kiwi-coconut was the winner). The further back in the market you go is where you are introduced to an assortment of empanadas, sweet and savory crepes to pizzas. Chocolate and cheese stands are mixed throughout, and its hard to not get seduced by both. La Boqueria is a literal meat market. Here you can find every imaginable and unimaginable parts of a cow.  Suffer from a sweet-tooth? You'll have problems here. Stalls that are jam-packed with colorful pieces of sugary treats are there to aid in cavity formations. I went here pretty much everyday of my trip and tried and discovered some amazing tastes of Spain.

hanging out at Antonio Gaudi's Casa Battlo in Barcelona, Spain

Art History classes, so much information crammed in and so little retained. Antonio Gaudi was one of the ones that stuck with me. His organic and curvaceous buildings peaked my interest and I knew one day I would witness them in person. 

After a wine filled night, hey it is Spain,  it wasn't easy getting up at the crack of dawn.  The opportunity to enter Gaudi’s Casa Battlo before the general public forced me out of bed. So yeah I studied this house before and have seen images but neither compare to the laying of eyes on the real deal…obviously. 

Casa Battlo is considered a world heritage sight and was purchased by Josep Battlo in 1903. After the purchase Gaudi went to work with the renovations. Nature, fantasy, and the sea were all inspirations for the residence and all are apparent within the house. The most obvious characteristic of the house are the organic lines as Gaudi attempted to avoid including straight lines in his blueprints. To the windows to the walls…(Lil Jon reference), even the ceiling itself is wavy, inspired by the sea. A tiled covered light well runs through the center of the house providing light to hit evenly to every room. The tiled wall is a gradation of blue going from lighter to darker the higher up you get. The stairwell is lined with uneven glass that reflects the blue tiles of the light well, giving off the effect of being underwater.

After experiencing this underwater fantasy it was time to head back to nap by the pool and dream of Gaudi’s work.
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