Melody Ehsani-Los Angeles

While visitng the City of Angels this angel had to make a top of the list stop to the Melody Ehsani shop. Reasons of importance include: brand that is killing the game, creator that is intelligent and let's just throw in gorgeous, and last but not least the product. I admire all the components that have created Melody Ehsani, company and person. I most admire the positive, down to earth, spiritual, classy, urban feel that is incorporated into all aspects. These elements share equal space and come across loudly and ever so clearly. Being greeted by a stylish, cute sales girl with dimples for days set the tone immediately, and I loved that she was just as juiced as I was about M.E.

Bright white walls were the backdrop for tables with gold chain legs, paisley bandana print rugs, and a low rider bike taking front stage in the store window. Her recent collaboration with fashion designer Jeremy Scott and the line aptly named Fearless are both gleaming within the shops jewelry cases.

What better way to accessorize a dope ring or bracelet you most likely can't walk away from than with the flyest nail designs.  Manicures are taken to another level with the artistic touch from Candy Paint. Candy Paint LA resides within the shop with a suspended gold chain link fence acting as the divider. I caught a client right after her appointment that mentioned she let them freestyle on her nails and we agreed they hit the nail on the head.

This visit confirmed my suspicions on what the store was going to be...just plain dope! Not only did I pick up a set of the nail wraps I adore, I also picked up another set of wings. With more projects on the horizon for this brand I will be staying very tuned in to see what happens next.

P.S. In NEED of the security camera lights

P.P.S. The skateboard mirror....NEED

Camera Shy

 I have finally diagnosed myself with camera shyness and am attempting,fingers crossed, to cure it.  For the longest time I was in denial, but looking back at photo after photo of my hands over my face in protest I realized something had to be done. I once had a very wise professor, the type whose words & wisdom still dominate my mind. This wise man was aware of my "problem," and suggested that I take photographs of myself. Not a bad idea, but it stayed just that for quite awhile, an idea.

Teeth clenched, breath held, eyes darting....that sums up having my picture taken. I used to live in the mountains of Colorado and have been face to face with many a deer in my headlights, trust me we have striking similarities! I fantasized about makeup artists, insanely high heels, fabulous locations that's how I thought it would go down, and in the future it shall. But for now i'll just keep it simple, natural, and to the point.

P.S. I didn't quite have the nerve to step fully out from behind the camera.

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