Hanging Out In gold country, cripple creek, Colorado

In the 1890s this was the place to be. Cripple Creek, Colorado, nestled at foothills of white capped mountains hitting at 9,500 feet above sea level. This valley was once the worlds greatest gold camps. Gold was discovered here in 1890 by lucky cowboy, Bob Womack. Soon after this discovery thousands flocked here to secure their bags as well. After the height of the gold rush the town dissipated leaving few behind. A revival came in 1991 as gambling was legalized. The towns historic district is deemed a national landmark by the National Park Service and several plaques along the strip give insight into the rich history of the buildings and their inhabitants. 

A Dose of Vitamin Sea, Kite Surfing with Kyss Vibes, Miami

Kite Surf instruction Miami Kyss Vibes
Miami, with its turquoise waters and reputation for year-round summer, is the perfect locale to literally get your feet wet. Heading south for the winter makes sense being that Miami is the warmest destination within the United States during these cold months. What better way to spend a warm winter day than being whisked away on a sea adventure by two bad-ass beauties. 

Stephanie Coymat and Nana Aldana founders of Kyss Vibes have turned their passions and lifestyle into a full-on VIP experience. KYSS standing for kite, yoga, surf, and soul combines the physical, mental and spiritual experience of getting in touch with nature and your inner-self. Offering instruction in kite surfing, wakeboarding and yoga, these two beautiful souls vibrate fearlessness with their athletic abilities, knowledge and enthusiastic vibes. On a typical tropical Miami day, I hit the ocean with Kyss Vibes for a dose of vitamin sea with legendary Grammy award-winning artist Juanes, his insanely beautiful wife actress, model,and blogger Karen Martinez and adorable son Dante (yes this VIP experience is kid-friendly). 

If you're in Miami and up for an amazing experience:

Stay Salty 

Vegan Vacation,The Pitted Date, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

With its tropical personality and jungle vibes, it’s no wonder Playa Del Carmen is a literal hot spot. From the architecture, people, and food, Playa is a hybrid of the old and new. The juxtaposition of  hole in the wall taquerias stands in contrast to the more modern and chic eateries catering to the health-centric visitors…that’s me.  

Vegan The Pitted Date Playa Del Carmen

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