Sitting Pretty

My attention span sometimes is that of a 1st graders. So there I was online looking for new furniture for this major project I've started, called redecorating my bedroom. Today my goal was to find a chair, I thought that would be easy enough. Of course my mind begins to wander and I start looking at furniture that could only be paid for with money from my dream salary.

So in the hopes of finding that perfect chair for my bedroom, here are a few that I truly admire...and who knows maybe I'll sacrifice a month of meals, a pair of shoes or two, just so I can be sitting pretty.


Tropicalia @ Moroso


Barcelona chair @

Zaha Hadid

As a big fan of architecture and successful women, of course I admire Zaha Hadid. I love the simplicity and futuristic qualities of her designs. And of course I have to mention that she was the first female recipient of the pritzker architecture prize in 2004.

I imagine everyone walking around in her buildings wearing something from the Andreea Musat Fall/Winter 08 collection.

Zaha Hadid + Chanel = another plane ticket to New York

Zaha Hadid has designed a travelling art space which has been commissioned by Karl Lagerfeld, I think I've died and gone to heaven. This pavilion will be travelling around the world from 2008-2010 featuring the work of 18 international artists. The design of the pavilion along with the works of the artists, has been inspired by Chanel's signature creation, the quilted bag.

Hong Kong - February-April 2008 Tokyo - May-July 2008 New York City - September 2008 London - June 2009 Moscow - September 2009 Paris - January-February 2010

P.S. Zaha has also started to design shoes!

Childs Play

So “they” say events that trigger memories of your childhood will also trigger a return of those childhood feelings. So I couldn’t help but notice the childhood giddiness that brews when I’m obsessing over shoes, bags, clothes, etc.

I think back to this paper I wrote in the 2nd grade about who my hero was and why, it was about my mother and how she was my hero because she bought me clothes. I remember those times, my interests more involved in what I was going to wear as opposed to what toys I had or any other normal interests a child would have. The highlight of my week were Fridays when my mom, sister and I would go on our weekly shopping sprees. (Not much has changed here)

I find myself daydreaming about those childhood fashion icons I once had, and wonder how those influences have molded my style into what it is today………..

I guess I can start with my first addiction:

Shoes, specifically high heels.

It’s really hard for me to pinpoint where this obsession began. But from the time I can remember my mother always had a million pairs of shoes. I couldn’t wait until I was “old enough” to fit into her shoes, well that day finally came. Every time I go to visit I raid her closet and leave with new shoes, and find myself trying to talk her out of more. But the earliest memory I have was without a doubt the Wizard of Oz. Bright, shiny, red, sparkly, sequin heels, what little girl didn’t want those…..I know I did.

The same way I drooled over those sequined heels as a child, sure enough came right back around. I found myself in these later years drooling over another pair of sequined heels, Christian Louboutin! I picture myself clicking my heels in these,there's no place like a great party in sequined Christian Louboutins!


I was once asked how many bags I had and I threw out some ridiculously low number (20) only because I had never really taken inventory, so I got home that day and actually counted them, and was closer to 80. And I must admit I was shocked that I had more than 20 but even more shocked that it was ONLY 80!

This addiction was a little easier to pinpoint. And yes I blame it on Miss Mary Poppins! Not only did I think she was practically perfect in every way when I was younger, from her tailored outfits to her impeccable posture, but I loved that wonderful carpet bag!

I do own many small bags which generally consist of clutches. However the vast majority of my bags are large, and will carry anything and everything. So even though I won't being pulling lamps or potted plants out of my bag, 9 times out of 10 I am carrying some random item that someone needs!

I love this YSL bag that Kate Moss is Carrying! It's the kind of bag that doesn't appear to large but will hold mucho. Just like good ol Mary Poppins I believe that Kate Moss and her style are practically perfect in every way!

As a little girl it was always fun to play dress up, by far my favorite game. I can honestly admit that this game has only gotten better with time!


The more I shoot the more I find myself wandering around in some sketchy places. Industrial parks where truck drivers mistake me for a prostitute until they see the camera in my hand. Abandoned train tracks, warehouses, ship yards, docks, etc. I love these places that are home to broken fences, rusted walls, and faded graffiti. My high heels stepping over used syringes, condoms, broken beer bottles. Remnants left behind of good times probably had by the curious junkies that stick their heads out from behind the bushes to see who's coming. This is where I find beauty. 


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