A twirl around the Venice Canals, Los Angeles California

Although problems when they were first constructed, the rehabilitaion of the Venice Canals has left an opportunity for a lovely afternoon walkabout. Originally built in 1906, the system of canals flow around gorgeous beach town style houses. Multitudes of flora bloom everywhere adding pops of color to shrub lined walkways.  Paddle boards plus an eclectic mix of row boats and canoes line the shores. A slow sunny stroll around the Venice Canals is a perfect way to lounge the day away while gawking at prime real estate.

Exploring Garden of the Gods, Colorado

When you live somewhere it’s easy to take for granted the beauty that lays in your own backyard. I used to live in Colorado and always thought it beautiful but never fully appreciated it until moving away. Each time I return I see this place through a different lens. I lived at the foothills of the mountains and Garden of the Gods always stood in view. The red rocks of the park protrude and stand against a background of blue skies and mountain ranges that almost appear fake. The park houses a multitude of hiking trails and massive rock formations. One of the many towering formations resembles two camels kissing, hence the name kissing camels. This land was purchased in 1879 by Charles Elliot Perkins with plans to build a summer home here. Struck by the beauty of the landscape he decided to leave the land in its natural state and donated it to the city of Colorado Springs. His terms were that the park remain free with no structures built on the land. 

California College of the Arts Fashion Show

Tis the season for newly graduated college students to enter another tier of adulthood. At schools that cater to the fashion persuasion it's the time for senior fashion shows. California College of the Arts sent an invite to come witness what their curriculum had produced in the last few years. The blood sweat and probably some tears of 10 talented students was showcased on the runway by street-cast models. 

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