Oakland Music Festival

After what I considered a torrential downpour, the out of nowhere I don't have an umbrella kind of storm,blue skies finalllly made an appearance at the Oakland Music Festival. Chill vibes spiraled through the crowd, maybe giddiness that the unwanted showers had subsided and we could get on with the show. This concept of featuring artists from the community made me curious enough to travel under the bay to find out what Oakland's all about.

Bands like Bang Data, Dam Funk and The Coup rocked the transitioning Uptown District of Oakland. Lovely ladies like Aima the Dreamer and Viveca Hawkins represented with voices and gorgeous curls I could only dream of having. The crowd like the music was strikingly diverse, providing a mix that had my camera working. This experience of amazing music and equally nice people made me realize that these under the bay journeys need to happen more often.

P.S. The shows were so good that they distracted me from my anger towards mother nature for the bad hair day.

Deuce Eclipse- Bang Data
Ink Addict

Viveca Hawkins
Boots Riley - The Coup
Aima the Dreamer

Kev Choice Ensemble

Brawlio Elias
James & Evander

New York Fashion week Lincoln Center Lobby Lurkin'

One of my favorite aspects of a fashion show, are the guests. During Fashion Week there are short "snappy" moments to shoot the fashionable patrons , albeit you forgo the opportunity to finally eat. I quickly eyed an area in the lobby of Lincoln Center that was perfect for two reasons. One, it was right by the front door, perfect for catching people coming and going. Two, the natural light fell upon the wall oh-so perfectly. 

P.S. Thanks to those in a rush that still stopped muah! xoxo

Shooting NYFW with Brian Lichtenberg

A loft with endless windows admitted a sunny glow to the Brian Lichtenberg presentation, casting perfection on models that fulfilled the expectations of what constitutes a "Lichtenberg model." Slicked back shiny hair and serious black smoky eyes accentuated big bright red pouty lips. The perfectly pointed manicured nails matched the flaming lips and looked as if they could be used as weapons to any possible snatcher that tried to pry away the gorgeous soft leather bags they carried. Models with looks as fierce as the perfectly styled outfits will be sending me on the hunt next spring for some key pieces from this collection, especially the see-through black mesh graffiti tagged shirt. Classically cut pieces covered in graffiti prints made this contradiction work, and very very well I might add.  Pants were slung down low on slim hips that exposed underwear donning the designers name, reminiscent of Calvin Klein circa the 90's. Pastel colored fur scarves in soft blue and lavender hung-out casually over the shoulder.  The models posed in front of a wall completely covered with an image of a chain link fence and palm trees in the background an ode, I took, to Los Angeles.  Brian Lichtenberg proved and showed me that he can take it to this other level of design and reached far beyond his sought after t-shirts.

P.S. The guests being a stylish distraction had my camera attracted to them as well. 

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