New York fashion Week Trend-Metallics

The future is looking bright. Metallics proved to be a recurring theme throughout several collections. From head-to-toe gold lame looks to the slight hints of golden leather laid across cozy furs, bright shiny things sparkled down the runways.

Custo Barcelona

New York Fashion Week with Mémère

Sugar and spice and all things nice is one way to put Mémère's Fall 2017 collection. Being this is Sarah Julia LeBlanc's first collection she made her lacy feminine point loud and clear. The inspiration for the collection reaches back to the 19th century and the works of French Romantics with Degas being a major muse. Black, cream and tan is the color trio of the collection. Lace, chiffon and delicate bows weave their way throughout the looks. Ruffles adorn blouse collars and cuffs, and make an appearance on the hem of pants. White roses are strewn around models wearing ballet flats that lace up around the ankle. Fresh face models gave off an air of innocence similar to the overall vibe of the collection, with a tiny hint of bad girl mixed in.

New York Fashion Week with Custo Barcelona

It's a complete coincidence that this post is about another designer out of Spain. Maybe the universe is telling me something as I've been toying with booking a trip to Barcelona. The brand was started in 1981 by brothers Custo and David Dalmau. Signatures of the brand include bold colors and patterns in lux fabrics, both made appearances in their fall 2017 show. Lurex, a metallic thread was prominent in the show in bright colors synonymous to the brand. Geometric cutouts graced the models slender hips and shoulders. Patchwork appeared on everything from a knee length vivid red ruffled coat to a shimmering blue lurex dress. Knee high boots strutted down the runway along with sunglasses that came in shades of pink, purple and red. After the show was over I wonder why it felt so familiar and realized it reminded me of one of my childhood heroes, Jem and the Holograms. 

New York Fashion Week with Barcelona Label,Denibi

Based in Barcelona, fashion house Denibi travelled to the states to showcase their fall/winter 2017 collection at New York Fashion Week. Inspired by a character in a show he watched as a child, designer Fadel Denibi sent feminine tailored pieces down the runway. Agatha, the character in which inspired him is represented by silhouettes that mimic flowers. Hems that resemble flower petals and high funnel necks are a nod to Agatha's femininity. Fadel Denibi also works in other mediums that were flaunted in the show. Masks handmade in Senegal sat on leather backpacks and the models fingers were adorned with 3-D printed rings. The collection carries a succinct color palette in shades of black, white and blue with hints of yellow snuck in.

Scouting Models in the Street & Photoshooting with Brooklyn Circus, San Francisco

Countless times on the bus, in line at a store, strolling down a street I spot people I want to shoot. Many times it's just a fleeting moment, left with thoughts of  what that image could have looked like. Then there are the times when, in the least stalkerish way possible, I have to approach and broach the subject with fingers crossed. Tis the case with Zech, who was riding the bus with his skateboard and unique looks in tow. Through six degrees of separation and a few texts I was able to spend an afternoon with Zech in front of my camera.

All clothing by Brooklyn Circus

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