Vietnam PT 1: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

First impressions are everything, and impressions of Ho Chi Minh city slapped me in the face immediately upon arrival.  5am and the sleeping pills administered during flight had me in a rested fog. My driver, an overly enthusiastic man with a sly smile I wasn't sure I should trust, led me out into the sweltering heat and off we went.  Vietnamese coffee has a reputation of being rugged so I chalked his hype up to caffeine energy. We zoomed through motorbike infested streets and avoided incident by, like everyone else, laying on the horn. The sound of the city was amazing in itself and the visual seemed almost unreal. Mr. Energy insisted on playing a song he felt would stoke us both out... The radio drowned out the buzz of the city and there we were lip synching a techno remix of Happy Birthday through a rear view mirror. Stimulating and photo rich, this place was like an awesome birthday present and heaven to my camera. I spent hot and humid days walking the streets and capturing life in this lively, lovely city.

P.S.  This city was strikingly colorful, however I couldn't help but shooting in black and white as well...

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