Levi's x Lookbook global style party

First things first, credit must be given where credit's due! So muah, muah, muah three kisses to the face, a La the French way, to Levi's, Lookbook and NWBLK for throwing a smashing party. It was so good I don't know where to begin so i'll just take it from the top.

Upon entry to the magnificent warehouse space that is NWBLK, we were greeted with packages containing illustrations of Levi's patterns accompanied by HYPE t-shirts from Lookbook, ok now homegirls hyped!  Walls were lined with wooden palettes that held life size images of an eclectic group of models showing us that anyone could pull off Levi's, literally and figuratively. Chill out lounge areas were setup with modern furniture I swear was stolen from my thoughts of what I want my living room to look like.

This event was planned with the intention to get people interacting. DIY areas were setup so you could customize the aforementioned HYPE shirt or if you happened to be the lucky winner of a pair of Levi's you could customize those however you saw fit. The invites encouraged you to bring in your 501's and have them customized. Let's assume you're not the most creative of types, no worries they had a crew of some talented folks,sewing machines and fabrics ready to whip out a customization for you. The most entertaining activity was the photoshoot area setup by The Bosco, where anyone ready to show off some modeling skills had their photos projected on the walls. The models of the moment left the photo-shoot with polaroids, hyped again. Free flowing drinks and food for days, and after a few glasses of wine the DIY customizing tables became even more fun.

P.S. I do need to shout out and apologize to my friend for bedazzling his 501's something silly!

Shooting Street Style Fashion District LA

The Fashion District in downtown Los Angeles... when trying to explain this place to people my comparison is always to the pretty intense shopping districts in Bangkok. Narrow alleys, strategic zig zagging through hoardes of people, battling sound systems all losing out to the guy with a microphone letting us know that Jesus loves us. All of this amazingness was topped off with the sun beating down, a reminder that my jacket should've been left behind.

From designer "inspired" heels to six piece suits for a three month old, anything can be found here.  LUCKY YOU if club gear is what your in the market for, most stalls carried 6 inch heels and miniskirts that left me knowing later that night I would see these same heels in the hands of the drunk barefoot girls that underestimated the perils of alcohol and high heel walking..... uhhhh ok anyway, the people were just as eclectic as the little world that's encapsulated into these alleyways.

P.S. I fell in love with this place and left my heart there in a knock off Gucci bag.  

streetstyle fashion people fashion district santee los angeles california (c) 2013 Heather Perry

ArtPad SF

I’ll start this off by being completely honest…. There are two things I know about art 1) what I like and 2) what I don’t like, if you throw in the things that completely confuse me then that makes 3, and maybe that’s all you need. I have found myself at many an art show just staring at a piece wondering if my fellow lurkers of art are having some profound proliferation from the piece or are we all like what the........

That’s what brought me to ArtPad, a curiosity to see what was going on in the current world of art and to see if I could get some informal insight. My curiosity manifested itself into an interrogation of sorts to the gallerists and artists that I came across. I will report that they were more than happy to explain and answer my, what must have been kindergarten level art questions. I was blown away by what can be accomplished with such simple materials. Most times I really wanted to know how these artists didn’t just simply go mad with some of these tedious processes, or perhaps maybe they had!

Moving on, the venue couldn’t have been better. The entire Phoenix Hotel, one of my fave spots in SF, was turned over to the event and every room was curated by a gallery. The San Francisco weather gods must also appreciate art as they provided us with non-jacket wearing temps. Although there was plenty of art to look at I couldn’t stop scouting the crowd for shoes, bags, or just plain good looks to photograph. I also ran into a few familiar faces which made the evening extra extra.

P.S. Shouts to Maria Jenson the Director of ArtPad and Chip Conley founder of Joie de Vivre hotels for creating and executing a great event.

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