Think Reese / Los Angeles

 I was an instant fan of the brand Reese. An admirer of the fact that the designer is self taught. I love the simplistically sexy aesthetic of everything she touches, I think she has the midas touch. The Reese Instagram feed showcases the beautiful designer, Sherise Cromwell, in selfies that will make you envious of her perfect skin and jeweled toned eyes. Behind all this beauty is a talented designer, creating a collection that is part feminine, part bad ass bitch. Arriving in LA for fashion week, the Reese show was at the top of my radar. Confident that by the end of the show I'd be wanting to empty my pockets for the entire collection.... I was right.

The model casting consisted of models that made you want to drop everything and run for the gym post haste. Oiled down flawlessly toned models marched barefoot down the runway. Video projected palm trees swayed in the background, you could almost smell the summer scent of hawaiian tropics sunscreen in the air. Slicked back hair glistened, giving off the look of a fresh dip in the ocean. Bikinis cut in geometric shapes accentuated curves in just the right places, proving that Reese is a know-it-all when it comes to highlighting a woman's body. Grid cutout bikini tops were paired with high waist bikini bottoms, complete with black surfboard in tow.

It's never to early to be thinking about swimwear... It's summer somewhere!  The Reese collection kicked the summer bikini plan in gear, both in what to wear and inspiration for how to look while Thinking Reese.
p.s. time to chase the sun in a Reese piece.

Ashton Michael / Los Angeles

I'm not going to lie when I say that I was lying in wait for this show. That being said let's get right to the the highlight of the show, the model casting, and it was mind blowingly superb. Tattooed, angular faced models with slicked back hair, if any at all, stormed down the runway with a ruggedness that was in opposition of the soft color palette. Tattoos were a requirement and we were graced with full sleeves and intricately beautiful full head ink. A full collection in pink sounds a little daunting with possibilities for episodes of redundancy, however each piece stood its own ground.  Well constructed ensembles were shown layered with strategically placed straps that danced down the runway. Rich leather pieces in classic black added to the goth-grunge edge of the show. This presentation was an exercise in balancing soft and hard. From the soft pink rose petals that fell in the background to witnessing intense stares from the models at the end of the runway. The worlds of delicate and fierce came together ever so beautifully in this collection and was the perfect way to end the evening.

Hanging around Hong Kong

 Ideas of meandering around Hong Kong had always pranced around my mind. With a population towering on the high end of seven million, Hong Kong resided on my list of must see cities. Images of the skyline alone led to illusions of gawking in awe over this massive city. One rule I have, ride public transportation, at least some of the time it's the best way to get better acquainted with a city. That being said I hopped the train from the airport surprisingly shocked at how clean and efficient it was. My plan was to simply, get lost. I knew I wanted to explore the hills of Soho and get a glimpse of this trendy, ex-pat and boutique filled hood, and of course I adored it. The heat was as intense as the stone faced well dressed residents, some of whom stormed down the street in stilettos with impressive speed and agility. From dried food, teas, and other mysterious tasty treats I couldn't identify, neighborhoods were dedicated to specific products, making it easy to realize where you were in case you got lost. Getting lost seemed to be a requirement of getting around. GPS in hand still didn't result in getting from A to B easily, if at all. Dietary options were plentiful with restaurants spanning the globe. Deciding to stick to restaurants that didn't cater to a foreign audience made each meal a mystery, not truly knowing what had been ordered, but bravery led to some amazing meals. Night time walks through cramped markets were followed by boat rides to take in the neon lit skyline, just a little teaser. The height of the trip was climbing to the highest point in Hong Kong “The Peak,” and taking in a view that hypnotized my mind and essentially was what had originally drug me here.

P.S. Was feeling the random acts of street art.

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