Q&A with 4 Leaders designer Zainah Saccoh

Fashion week guarantees a calendar filled week, little sleep and lot's-o-coffee. When a friend of 10+ years announces the launch of her first collection, better believe schedules are instantly cleared.

Head Over Heels in Love


People Watching Around The World

When posting about worldly excursions I tend to include photos of beautiful landscapes with 'yours truly' peppered in. Longing for another journey I've been ogling images of trips past. I consider myself somewhat of a people person, but more so a people watching person. These voyeuristic tendencies are heightened when I travel, obviously.  Observing people in their native environments going about daily business is intriguing. These observations generally lead to priceless interactions with locals.  Through smiles, head nods and broken language this mutual fascination is communicated, and I wanted to share my images of the beautiful people from around the world.

The Performers, Mexico City
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