Museum of the African Diaspora, San Francisco

There are currently exhibits up at the Museum of the African Diaspora (MOAD) that required shifts of my schedule in order to drop everything, grab camera and head over. Firstly the name Gordon Parks sparks my inner photography groupie, and I was insanely excited to see the works of this photography genius. Standing and staring at Gordon Parks version of American Gothic was worth the trip itself. The second top of the list exhibit are the works of Okhai Ojeikere. These works portray images dating from 1955-2008 documenting Nigerian clothing and hairstyles.This afternoon at the museum was inspirational and all that good stuff, definitely worth seeing before the close on Oct 13th.

P.S. Those head-wraps got me practicing my wrap skills.

Afro Punk Festival Brooklyn,NY

Once upon a time in Brooklyn's Commodore Barry Park, the movement Afro Punk was in full effect. The Afro Punk experience hits notes on all sensory levels. Positive vibes along with sounds from the most eclectic of musicians run through the outlandishly attractive crowd.  I have to quote from Afro Punk to sum up what Afro Punk represents:

AFRO PUNK became a touchstone of a cultural movement strongly reminiscent of the early days of Hip-Hop. Alternative urban kids across the nation (and across the globe) who felt like outsiders discovered they were actually the core of a boldly innovative, fast-growing community."

P.S. I find that the streets are the true runways of inspiration. 

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Shooting Street Style in Miami

"What happens in Miami, never happened." A little snippet of what did happen was the ability to lug my heavy camera around in 90 degree weather,humidity included. While being a girl about this sunny, palm tree dominated, colorful, eclectic town, I couldn't help but snap a few pics of passer-bys that caught my eye. 

P.S. I really love it when people automatically know how to pose! :)

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Shooting Miami Swim Week with Minimale Animale

The gorgeous and talented Cassandra Kellogg grasped her inspirations for her swimwear line Minimale Animale and ran with it. She ran to the land of warm weather, old school red ferraris, high waisted suits cut in a way that made me envision images of White Snake music videos, Kelly Kapowski, and roller skating down Venice Beach (striped knee high socks included). 

The Southern California (Venice Beach) roots of this line peaked my interest. I anxiously anticipated the creations coming out of a place I foresee apartment hunting some point.

P.S. Cassandra? Models? Please inform me as to your workout plan as I WANT to be on it! 

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