The Last Emperor

The Last Emperor...such a fitting title. I loved Valentino before, and after viewing the recent film on him done by Matt Tymauer, I must say I love Valentino even more. His relationship with Giancarlo Giammetti stood out the most as it is one that is real and full of the ups and downs of a typical couple that has been married for 50 years. When I first learned that the film was being done my first reaction was hoping that it would be executed properly, kudos to Tymauer for a job well done. Valentino's passion for design came through and made me appreciate his work and the work involved in design even more. I will admit a few tears were shed while watching, and the sadness and joy that Valentino felt were conveyed and came through ever so strongly. 

I was privileged to see the film in New York amongst a very stylish audience at the Film Forum. We were graced with the presence of director Matt Tymauer and the one and only editor-at-large for Vogue Magazine, Mr. Andre Leon Talley. Tymauer and Talley spoke about Valentino, and opened up to questions from the audience. I was on cloud nine when I left the theater, and the icing on the cake was being able to meet and speak with the oh so fabulous Mr. Talley !

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Walking along the highway, crossing through homeless camps, stepping over garbage and god knows what else, I finally fulfilled my desires to explore Freedom. 

On a pleasant, sunny NY morning I decided it was time to explore the tunnel that always sparked my curiosity. When I arrived I was a kid in a graffiti candy store. Not sure what or who I might come across I entered and was greeted by remnants left behind from whomever lived there previously or now. Old books, toys, lots of shoes, beds, and of course tags left from visiting artists lined the walls of this tunnel. 

This underground gallery left lots to see, and I was pleasantly surprised to see graffiti tags that I had randomly photographed before. The trains that came through were kind enough to blaze their horns to make us aware of there arrival. Not being able to capture as much as I wanted to due to my lack of a tripod, I will be trekking back here again. 

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