Vietnam PT 3: Hanoi & Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

I'll start of by comparing Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, and will state Hanoi is Ho Chi Minh on crack. This charged city had me buzzing, making me solider through the heat and heavily populated streets, covering only a small portion of this massive city. Filled with alleyways that ended up being endless mazes, leaving me meandering, lost, both scared and excited to see where the road would lead. Morning walks lay witness to animals being butchered in the street in order to prepare the street food we would later be contemplating. The sun beat down violently, making ladies that sold fans to sweat drenched tourists very prosperous. Nights spent on streets filled to the brim with locals, tourists, beer, and lightning storms that were frighteningly beautiful. A road trip was squeezed in so I could lay my eyes on Ha Long Bay, deemed a World Heritage Site for reasons one has to witness in person. The massive beauty of Ha Long Bay complimented my time in Vietnam and was the cherry on top of this most impressive trip.

p.s. they couldn't get over my hair!

Vietnam PT 2: Hoi An, Vietnam

I've shared a few stories of how the locals in Vietnam were thoroughly confused by me. Language barriers failed to curb their enthusiasm. This curiosity opened up precious interactions, adding  evidence to just how amazing this place is. I hear the broken record playing every time I describe a place I visit as magical. Is it the fresh eyes on new ground, everything is amazing thing? Could be. Or sometimes it is what it is, magic. Hoi An encompassed a big heart in it's people, the sun tannin' weather to the insanely charming geographical location. Extending my stay every night proved the hold this place had on me. Morning bike rides through rice paddy fields that eventually led to beaches that demanded you hang out all day. Afternoon naps no doubt because of too much sun and beer, if such a thing is possible. Evening strolls through Ancient town where too many food choices lead to breaking all diet rules, and the custom-you-can-make-hanbags-galore shops left me in a stupor.

P.S. It's magic...

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