New York Fashion Week-Libertine

 Proper lady gone pop culture punk is how I felt about the Libertine show. Perfectly tailored jackets and dresses suitable for any decent lady. Pop culture inspired patchwork, sequined beading and bright colored accents of fur introduced edge to these lady-like pieces. Creative Nail Design (CND) stole my heart with gold chains dangling from black manicured nails. Makeup focused on the eyes, plain faces with heavy smokey eyes I only dream of pulling off. Hair simply parted down the middle  featuring my favorite accessory the painted part. Stripes of hot pink raced down the scalp. Models carried a goth-ish ora reflecting both the tame and wild this collection encompassed. Models walked the finale in true lady-like fashion, but in true Libertine fashion ended the show with a dance party down the runway.

P.S. The telephone clutches were definitely calling my name. 

New York Fashion Week - Angel Sanchez

Attending previous Angel Sanchez shows I expected beauty found in every aspect possible, in every detail. The makeup was simple but striking. Eyes with liner that dominated the lower lid. Soft pink lips on perfectly bronzed faces. The strong eyebrows have me reconsidering my current waxing situation. Perfectly slicked back hair held in place with gold fasteners. Black, white and red just about sums up the palette; simple one would think, but these pieces were far from simple. Geometric patterns, strategically placed cutouts, deep cut v's and gold accents created a very feminine and sexy collection.

New York Fashion Week Day 2

This day started with a quick jaunt to one of my favorite NY spots, the Standard Hotel. In a wood paneled open loft space the sun shone in on beautifully tailored pieces from London based designer Zoe Jordan. These pieces were very wearable, classic pieces that had some edge. Perfectly constructed turquoise ombre colored blazers, and asymmetrically cut dresses in paint splattered prints.

New York Fashion Week Day-1

I arrived fashionably late to New York so my day one is actually day three. I am posting this in haste as haste is the theme of fashion week. Waiting for slow computers to upload hundreds of images then attempting to go through said images to pick out a few that can sum up the fashion filled day. Running late to other shows in attempt to accomplish daily posts a task I've never been able to do during previous fashion week. So without further ado here is how my frantically busy day played out.

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