Vintage Shopping in Paris, France

Thrifting is a thing now. More of a thing than when I was 14. My friends too embarrassed to join in my thrifting pleasure, loitered outside during my treasure hunts.
Naturally when tickets were booked to Paris shopping was on the to-do list. I was curiously excited to scour through the vintage/thrift shops that the city of lights had to offer.

I randomly came across Chinemachine as I was wondering the streets of Montmartre. There were a few pairs of funky platform sandals in the window that forced me in. The store was two levels of goodness carrying a nice mix of vintage with newer labels sprinkled in. In case you have items you need to get rid of they buy and trade. 

A google search of good thrift stores worth visiting brought Episode up. With maps pulled up I headed that way. This store was packed to the gills with anything and everything. I was a bit overwhelmed and didn't know where to begin, until I saw the racks on racks of vintage Levi's... I was in heaven. You can spend some serious time in this store so if you ever go plan on an afternoon gone. They have a very intricate process of how they obtain their pieces, here is a great infographic
Episode is not only Paris based, they have stores in Amsterdam, Brussels and Copenhagen. 

A vintage store that sells by the weight?! Take me there. No joke you place your items on a scale and pay by the weight. With five locations in Paris, this shop is a must hit. Kilo housed floors of second hand and vintage clothing and is another shop that you can spend some serious time and money. You're vintage finds here are literally worth their weight. 

Model Talk- Photo Shoot & Interview With Kyrah, Look Model Agency

Heather Perry San Francisco Fashion Photographer

When first looking at Kyrah's portfolio I was instantly struck by her looks, the kind that leave you pondering where she's from... Her exotic features made me want to instantly work with her and create images that captured her uniqueness along with my penchant for far away tropical destinations
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