Photoshoot & Interview with Olympic Medalist Kristi Yamaguchi

I'm not going to lie and say I wasn't obsessed with ice skating when I was younger, no doubt a Kristi Yamaguchi fan. These days the gorgeous former U.S. figure skater and Olympic gold medalist has her hands full juggling her own athletic clothing brand Tsu.ya, and maintaining fit mom status. A warm sunny day was spent photographing this down to earth beauty modeling pieces from her line. Learn more about her fitness routines and her athletic line below.

Heather Perry San Francisco Fashion

What is the meaning of Tsu.ya?
It was my grandmother's name and is my middle name. Literal translation is shiny, luster, sparkle.

How did the idea of Tsu.ya brand come about?
I wanted to create a product with purpose to support the work of the Always Dream Foundation in early literacy. Active wear was a perfect category, in fashion which I love, because I have grown up in and still wear active clothing.  I believe I know function, fit, and comfort for not only an elite athlete but also for the everyday active woman.

Heather Perry San Francisco Fashion

Where do you draw inspiration from for the line? 

I draw inspiration from the latest trends in the fashion world, nature, even some of the skating costumes I have admired through the years. Tsu.ya provides on trend styles that fit every part of your day and even night. I look to design pieces that are feminine, flattering to the female figure, have added design details, and have the comfort, function and versatility for our busy lives.

Who is the Tsu.ya brand customer?

She is an active busy woman who doesn't have a day off but wants to look and feel good both inside and out. She appreciates quality and details that make Tsu.ya stand out.

Heather Perry San Francisco Fashion

Proceeds from Tsu.ya brand go to the Always Dream Foundation, can you talk a little about the foundation? 
Always Dream is in it's 19th year of inspiring underserved children to reach for their dreams. Our mission in helping them do this is by providing innovative reading programs and by advancing the cause of early childhood literacy.  This is the cornerstone for their academic and life success. We provide 21st century technology as well as access to books in kindergarten classrooms. Currently serving about 2000 school children.

How would you describe your personal style?  
Being a petite frame, I like to look at clothes that are a little more shaped or fitted, jewel toned colors, feminine, and a bit edgy when I can.

Heather Perry San Francisco Fashion

Who are some of your favorite designers? 
Valentino, Derek Lam, Vera Wang, Helmut Lang, Robert Rodriguez.

What is your overall philosophy on fitness?
Now that I'm not training as an Olympic athlete, it's to just be as active as possible, whether that means taking a class, meeting a friend to work out with, or just taking a walk with my kids and playing with them.

Heather Perry San Francisco Fashion

How many times a week do you workout and what types of workouts are you doing? 
In a perfect world I'd like to workout 3-4 times a week doing Barre 3 class, some kind of cardio, using my own body weight exercises. Light free weights.

What tips or advice can you give about balancing a career and family?
Try to prioritize and be realistic. Being on top of the families schedule helps me know how much I can take on and budget out my time.

Heather Perry San Francisco Fashion
Heather Perry San Francisco
Heather Perry San Francisco

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Island Hopping & Rainforests, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a great jumping off point to visit a variety of neighboring islands. If time permits flights can be chartered for a hop over to the Virgin Islands, day trips by boat to one of the closer islands of Vieques or Culebra can be arranged. I visited Culebra years before and visions of its white sand beaches and jeweled toned waters led me to book a ticket to indulge in some fun in the Caribbean sun. I was pleased to see that the island had not changed much and still had its tropical charm. The island has a serene beauty with its skies that mimic fake backdrops and pristine beaches maybe witnessed in a dream. It was all ten times more vibrant than I had remembered and I'm so thrilled to have re-visited this tiny tropical paradise.

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When making travel plans, I generally try to visit new places. It had been 13 years since touching down in Puerto Rico. I figured the statute of limitations had ran out on PR and it was time to visit some old memories. I vividly remember LOVING Old San Juan and was itching to stomp around its cobbled stoned streets again. Cruising around Old San Juan is a study of color and geometric shapes, bold colors is the name of the game here. Spanish colonial architecture splashed in color combinations that floated me back to memories of hue-rich Sayulita, Mexico (read about that magical place here).

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