Wonderful & Great

Naomi,Naomi,Naomi! You hear the tales, the many stories of the bitchiness and tantrums that she throws. Every time I hear one of these stories I can't help but think, so what. This is one bad woman, not bad meaning bad but bad meaning fabulous!

And fabulous is exactly what the ad campaigns are for YSLs Fall/Winter 08 collection featuring Naomi the Wonderful.

I have loved the ad campaigns coming from YSL this year. The Spring 08 campaigns were just as wonderful, featuring Kate the Great. Both of these campiagns made my heart flutter, truly re-affirming yet again how amazing these two women are.
Merci beaucoup YSL!

Benjamin Bixby

The one thing I love better than a well dressed woman,well........ is a well dressed man. (Extra points if he's straight). Every once in awhile I come across that well dressed man, one who is not afraid to step outside of the style box and take some chances.

I was pleased to find out that one man whose style I always appreciate is designing a mens clothing line. Andre 3000 will be launching his mens line named Benjamin Bixby.

Andre says the line will be a classic combination of dapper gentleman, seventies stud and hip hop maverick and are inspired by “your uncle or your granddad” as he has a “closet full of experiences and clothes, and he’s been around the world.”

Hopefully I can trot my boyfriend to Barney's, where the line will be available, to try on some of these pieces.

Theres no place like home

So if you have read my previous post about my childhood fascination with the ruby slippers from the Wizard of Oz, then you'll understand why Sergio Rossi has made my day.

Sergio Rossi has released a sketch of his reinterpretation of the ruby slippers. Sergio Rossi along with 19 other designers are reinterpreting the slippers as part of a commemoration for the 70th anniversary of the Wizard of Oz. This commemoration will also be a showcase/auction to raise money for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS foundation. Buying shoes to raise money for a wonderful charity..... my kind of event!

I have my eye on..........

Rupert Sanderson

Rupert Sandersons design philosophy is "less is more."

The only time I would by a coke is.........

If Roberto Cavalli designed the bottle.

Low and behold this is the case, and it's to bad these limited edition bottles are only going to be sold in Italy. The bottles will be available from September-December.
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