420 Adventures, Haight, San Francisco

I like to joke that San Francisco isn’t really foggy. My theory being it's just a permanent cloud of marijuana smoke that blankets the city. It seems no matter where you are in the city fragrant cannabis clouds are in the forecast. April 20th of every year is the cloudiest of days. 420 devotees migrate to my hood, the Haight, for 420 celebrations. Hippie Hill in Golden Gate Park is the location for the eclectic red-eyed crowd of thousands to rendezvous. A vast congregation of varied demographics, all brought together by Mary Jane. The history of 420 comes with several tales. Stories of it being a police dispatch code, to a code teens used in the 70s to smoke weed. Regardless of the origin the ritual takes place every year on 4/20 at 4:20, countdown included. I love heading into this peaceful storm to snap up the crowd that is always in the “highest” of spirits.  

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