Stepping into Fall with Mara Hoffman

Just thinking about plummeting temps and snow is enough to give me brain freeze. Thankfully I'm a California girl blessed with Indian summers. Thoughts of winter coats and heavy scarves barely cross my mind. Every now and then I leave the beautiful bubble of the west coast and head east, at times during the winter months. I always run into the same scenario when faced with an east coast winter...trying to scrounge together cold weather clothing. 

Enter Mara Hoffman's fall collection. If you're familiar with Mara Hoffman then you know that prints are the name of her game. These geometric prints layered onto cozy ponchos and jackets are enough to take the winter blues away. I would look forward to a winter if I could get wrapped and bundled in Mara's print popping pieces. 

P.S. In love with the messy braid crowns. 

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