Livid Magazine- Mexico City Travel Article

Meghan Markle Style Dress

Holiday Gift Guide-Wilkes Bashford

Christian Louboutin for Click & Shop Magazine 

Nina Tiari NYFW Runway Fashion Show Dream Hotel NYC

WB Click & Shop Magazine

WB Click & Shop Magazine


Mitchells Stores Jewelry Catalog 

Frank Ancona Jewelry for Mitchells Jewelery Magazine

Model Portfolio-Look Model Agency, San Francisco

Wilkes Magazine

Wilkes Bashford Blog- Where to East & What to Wear, Octavia, San Francisco

Portraits of Wilkes Bashford for San Francisco store window display. 

Livid Magazine Graffiti Artist Interview

Livid Magazine- Puerto Vallarta Travel Feature 

Manolo Blahnik Social Media Campaign

Livid Magazine- Vietnam Feature

Event / Fashion Show Photos

 Livid Magazine- Belize Travel Feature
Livid Magazine- Mexico City Travel Feature

Inside cover shot, Mexico City- Livid Magazine

Street Style- New York Times

 M-Pire Magazine Feature

Gallery Show-Global Projects, New York

New York Times Fashion & Style Section- June Ambrose

New York Times Style Feature 
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LIVID MAGAZINE-Editorial Spread Week Coverage

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