Crossing The French Border & Hanging Out In San Sebastian, Spain

Posted up in Biarritz France, the Spanish border lays only a 30 minute drive away. With San Sebastian on my list of must visits it was a no brainer to book a ticket into Basque Country. This surfy town was once a vacation spot for the royals and is rich in culinary delights. With a short stay planned, the itinerary included getting lost in the maze of alleys in Old Town (Parte Vieja). It's impossible to not hop around and indulge in the infamous pintxo bars. Pintxos are Basque countries' version of tapas with San Sebastian offering a multitude of options for breaking all diet rules.

Parte Vieja-My explorer radar instantly sounds when hearing of an old town in any city. With an affinity for old architecture, San Sebastian's Parte Vieja was the perfect place for getting lost along with people watching.

This image standing on a corner in Parte Vieja honors Andrea Portugal. She sold fish here for 70 years. 

Constitution Square (Plaza de la Constitución), located in the heart of Parte Vieja, dates back to the early 1800's. The plaza was once a bullring that hosted bullfights. Balconies and windows line and look out onto the plaza, with numbers placed over each window. These numbers are remnants left over from the bull fighting days signifying box seats for ticket holders. 

Old images stand in the Plaza offering a look back into its history, making it extra surreal to be standing there.

Marina La Gomera- The perfect place to dock up after a sail around the cities coast. A short stroll around the marina proves that it's a popular teenage hangout. I decided to hang around and watch the teenage shenanigans and their dives into the water. 

Pintxos-A culinary capital, San Sebastian and it's version of tapas can't be beat. The alleys of Parte Vieja are lined with pintxo bars, and its not unusual to walk around and pop in and out sampling a variety of cuisines. 

The icing on the cake for this jaunt was the ocean side photo exhibit of my FAVORITE photographer Sebastiao Salgado.

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