Mexico City

It blows my mind and my wallet that a four hour plane ride can transport you direct to the corazon de Mexico City, an insanely beautiful world. A world lively with culture supported by the timely architecture that remains and a rich dueling history still being uncovered, literally. Organilleros fill the streets with hypnotic melodies, most likely accustomed to by locals, but music to my fresh ears. A kale and quinoa girl like myself was left pondering menus until defeat was made by the tinga tortas, atoles, and salsas that had me begging them to come home with me. 

I have preferences to travel with knowledge of a destination but no set plans, curious to see where a city will lead me. Travel guides suggest against riding the metro and walking around aimlessly, which is why I generally hate consulting such material being these are the best ways to get intimate with a place. I headed out to do things the way I deemed best, hopped on the metro and wandered aimlessly. 

P.S. It was also suggested to not walk around with cameras, however this eye stimulating city made that impossible.

P.P.S. I had the flu the whole trip :(

Dia de los Muertos- San Francisco Style

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