Miami & Yosemite

As travel plans begin to settle on the horizon, the need to re-visit past jaunts seems appropriate. All of this throwback business has me digging through the crates, uncovering snaps I once loved and had forgotten. In the spirit of making old things new and prefacing future trips, here's a revisit to a back to back, coast to coast journey. From the culture to the scenery, and name pronunciation, both trips varied drastically.

The adventure started in Miami with 80 degree temps and air so humid it bullied hair into untamed craziness. The need for makeup disappeared as the sun gave kisses, leaving behind a bronzed glow. Coconuts were bought from dueling Cubanos hanging out under palm trees arguing over coconut selling territory. Morning jogs along the beach gave view to enormous offshore clouds rolling into rich colored skies, leaving me wanting to find a nail color that vibrant.  Late nights spent battling the notions to join the friend in favor of night swims in the ocean, and hoping they made it back to shore. All good things must come to an end and so I ditched this tropical paradise and headed for the hills of Yosemite. The glorious views forced me to pose on the edges of cliffs in order to selfie myself in front of vast vistas. Giant Sequoia trees towered overhead causing feelings of  intimidation, perhaps similar to what ants must go through. The weather was conducive to keeping the tan going and carried no humidity lending to more hair control. The rock bottom rivers, crystal clear and ice cold were perfect for beers to chill out in but demanded the in and out method until the body acclimated. Both trips were direct opposites of each other but similarly offered amazing experiences, reiterating my NEED for travel.

P.S. My favorite thing between the East and West coast is the extreme differences in the pronunciation of my name. This difference bringing out my East and West coast persona's, Heatha vs Heatheeeeeer.

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