Childs Play

So “they” say events that trigger memories of your childhood will also trigger a return of those childhood feelings. So I couldn’t help but notice the childhood giddiness that brews when I’m obsessing over shoes, bags, clothes, etc.

I think back to this paper I wrote in the 2nd grade about who my hero was and why, it was about my mother and how she was my hero because she bought me clothes. I remember those times, my interests more involved in what I was going to wear as opposed to what toys I had or any other normal interests a child would have. The highlight of my week were Fridays when my mom, sister and I would go on our weekly shopping sprees. (Not much has changed here)

I find myself daydreaming about those childhood fashion icons I once had, and wonder how those influences have molded my style into what it is today………..

I guess I can start with my first addiction:

Shoes, specifically high heels.

It’s really hard for me to pinpoint where this obsession began. But from the time I can remember my mother always had a million pairs of shoes. I couldn’t wait until I was “old enough” to fit into her shoes, well that day finally came. Every time I go to visit I raid her closet and leave with new shoes, and find myself trying to talk her out of more. But the earliest memory I have was without a doubt the Wizard of Oz. Bright, shiny, red, sparkly, sequin heels, what little girl didn’t want those…..I know I did.

The same way I drooled over those sequined heels as a child, sure enough came right back around. I found myself in these later years drooling over another pair of sequined heels, Christian Louboutin! I picture myself clicking my heels in these,there's no place like a great party in sequined Christian Louboutins!


I was once asked how many bags I had and I threw out some ridiculously low number (20) only because I had never really taken inventory, so I got home that day and actually counted them, and was closer to 80. And I must admit I was shocked that I had more than 20 but even more shocked that it was ONLY 80!

This addiction was a little easier to pinpoint. And yes I blame it on Miss Mary Poppins! Not only did I think she was practically perfect in every way when I was younger, from her tailored outfits to her impeccable posture, but I loved that wonderful carpet bag!

I do own many small bags which generally consist of clutches. However the vast majority of my bags are large, and will carry anything and everything. So even though I won't being pulling lamps or potted plants out of my bag, 9 times out of 10 I am carrying some random item that someone needs!

I love this YSL bag that Kate Moss is Carrying! It's the kind of bag that doesn't appear to large but will hold mucho. Just like good ol Mary Poppins I believe that Kate Moss and her style are practically perfect in every way!

As a little girl it was always fun to play dress up, by far my favorite game. I can honestly admit that this game has only gotten better with time!

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