Picturing Modernity

In modern times especially the times we live in now I feel there is such a sense of urgency, at least in my life. The urgent need to get things done, to keep moving, the inability to become static. With the current state of this world, economy, government, etc this feeling of urgency seems to be buzzing all around. 

Carrying my pen and notebook as I always do, I took notes with an unexplained urgency while viewing the latest set of photographs at the MoMa that were part of the Picturing Modernity set. One of my favorite photographers Harold Edgerton was apart of this exhibit. Reflecting back to my notes I noticed what I wrote in response to his photographs and realized that they made me think about this sense of urgency that I have been feeling. Edgerton mastering the technique of seeing the unseen,stopping, and capturing these acts of motion made me stop and think about my own motion.  I was reminded that it's alright to sometimes stop, capture these life moments......and breathe. 


* Photos courtesy of Writz Gallery
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