New York fashion week with Betsey Johnson

With news of Betsey Johnson having a show back at Lincoln Center after last seasons fiasco, I was thoroughly excited! Betsey is one of my favorites and it was a sad day for me when her shows took a dip out of the Center. I was anxious the entire day, anticipating what Betsey had in store for us. Rumors started circulating about workout videos and runway....I was confused and decided to wait and see for myself. Yoga mats, sneakers, and bottles of Champagne (Bestsey Bubbly) lined the runway, reminiscent of items lying around my house. The show started off with models walking down the runway chatting on their cell phones, kinda like me on any given day. Once all the models were lined up on the yoga mats, out comes Betsey to lead them in a full on workout. Not that any of these girls needed to be doing any of the sit-ups or push ups, c'mon they're models! Even though I watched the show in complete confusion, after the fact I realized her show was crazy and quirky,exactly what she is and why I love her. The show was a breath of fresh air, a break up of the monotonous typical runway scene, and from the looks of how much fun the models were having it seemed like the same breath of fresh air for them.

p.s. I may try that champagne bottle workout...lift & sip

Nigel Barker seemed amused

Betsey Johnson Fall Winter 2013
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