Kauai in a nutshell...coconut shell to be exact, Hawaii

You know you're in for an epic journey when you're luggage is carrying nothing but bikinis and sunscreen, and your diet plan consists of guava/rum drinks. Being that this was my first trip to Kauai all I had were my preconceived tropical notions and an itinerary that was going to turn my skin a darker shade of brown.

Posted up in a gorgeous bungalow overlooking blue waters and swaying palm trees on what was once an old sugar plantation the only options entailed serious relaxation. With Kauai being only 552 sq miles this fact was incentive to maraud the whole island. Starting from the warm sun drenched southern side of the island we journeyed to the lush wet jungles of the northern most point. This journey, along with my new found "love" of self-portraits were a match made in this paradise.  The ride consisted of constant  stops at locations deemed photo-shoot worthy. Here are a few photos that sum up my notions of Kauai in a nutshell...coconut shell to be exact.

P.S. I will admit that my virginity of going into public places barefoot was taken on this trip.

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