Ambergris Caye, Belize

My indecisive personality resorts to coin tosses that determine future destinations.  Belize won on a call of tails and I chalked the win up to fate. Belize VS. Madrid was the lineup and as Madrid dropped out, I realized the need to lay around on a beach with temperatures that take away appetites, force you in the ocean, and to sip drinks that demand coconut. There was something magically kinetic going on, as is usually the case with places that house a tropical demeanor. A Central American island with a Jamaican twist is what it is, and why this place had my heart from the start. This Spanish Caribbean twist trickled down into the tropical infused spicy food to the beautifully confusing accents. Spending days on the dock attempting to reach the same level of bronze as the locals and nights sipping rum punch that made the beach walks blurry.


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