Take the girl out of the city (Silver Lake, CA)

You can take the girl out of the city... This I prove to myself when taken to elevations that kill cell phone service and wifi is shoddy.  Disconnected, in every sense of the word. Worries of lip gloss, mascara, text messages, and all things frivolous fade away the closer you get to that cozy cabin on the water. Quiet mornings spent staring at the glassy lake with a few lapping waves caused by the family of geese that swim by. Taking out the boat, casting lines, and catching the unlucky trout that decided to expand their palettes becomes a lightweight addiction. The morning alarm is the pitter-patter of the feet of some creature prancing around on the roof and eventually becomes a soothing rhythm coaxing me back to sleep.

P.S. The disconnection only ends up making you reconnect.  And it's even better when you disconnect with amazing people.

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