Q&A with 4 Leaders designer Zainah Saccoh

Fashion week guarantees a calendar filled week, little sleep and lot's-o-coffee. When a friend of 10+ years announces the launch of her first collection, better believe schedules are instantly cleared.

Zainah Saccoh is the brainchild behind the Brooklyn based streetwear brand 4 Leaders. In Manhattan's trendy Noho neighborhood 4 Leaders showcased classic pieces in luxurious fabrics.  I had the opportunity to chat with my dear friend about the line she's pouring her heart and soul into.

How did the name 4Leaders come about?

The name 4L came about with a personal "mantra" that I lived by,"live your life love & learn" (4xL's). I later changed it to 4Leaders when I decided that I wanted my brand to be for people that were eager to succeed.

Mason in Persian Lamb Wool Moto Jacket
What is the inspiration behind the brand?

Greatness...  Wanting to not only "look" great but be great with your life choices! Leading by example!

LeRonn in cotton spandex layered top

What materials are you using?

 I kept this collection classic, so I used materials that were nostalgic and classic to me in my experience with fashion. Materials from my young adulthood and childhood: shearling, lumberjack plaid, canvas cotton(carhartt clothing), wool blends/cashmere wool, Persian Lamb Wool, terry cloth fleece.

Hanni in shearling hooded reversible jacket

How do you define your personal style?

Forever evolving! Layer queen! Comfortable!

Dexter in cotton spandex layered top & bottom

Where do you find inspiration for your line?

For this particular collection I took inspiration from the street life hustle and today's current issues with American racism. I also love Japanese designers Yohjhi Yamamoto and Kenzo, so detail and hidden simplicity is what I'd love to master.

Nancy in Persian lamb wool sweater

What can we expect from 4 Leaders in the future?

You can expect us to keep creating possibilities in fashion with our innovative designs, to create new opportunities 4Leaders around the world.

Shawn in cotton fleece blend layered hoodie and bottom
Designer Zainah Saccoh & Father
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