Model Talk- Photo Shoot & Interview With Kyrah, Look Model Agency

Heather Perry San Francisco Fashion Photographer

When first looking at Kyrah's portfolio I was instantly struck by her looks, the kind that leave you pondering where she's from... Her exotic features made me want to instantly work with her and create images that captured her uniqueness along with my penchant for far away tropical destinations
Model: Kyrah
Makeup: Genevieve Castro
Styling & Photo Assistant: April Hernandez

Heather Perry San Francisco Fashion Photographer

How did you get your start in modeling? 
I started doing pageants when I was younger then eventually started doing community runway shows as I got older. Finally I got scouted through a mutual friend and got signed to my mother agency (IMD).

Heather Perry San Francisco Fashion Photographer

Was modeling always something you wanted to do?
Since a young age modeling has always been something I've been inspired to do. I have always had a passion for being in front of the camera. 

If you could work with any designer who would it be?
I would love to work with Calvin Klein, his way of advertising the product is so creative, the experience would be phenomenal!  

When I met you I noticed your flawless skin and healthy hair, what are some of your beauty routines?
My daily skin care routine is really simple, I exfoliate once a week using a sugar scrub & every morning and night I use a non-scented face wash from "clean & clear". My hair on the other hand is a process. I always use heat protection before straightening it and do a lot of hair masks using, coconut oil,eggs, and avocado!

Everybody thinks models don’t eat, what are some of your favorite (bad) foods?
 Cheese fries and Starbucks are my all time weakness. I can eat cheese fries everyday of the week & have my Starbucks right there next to it! 

If you weren’t starting a career in modeling what would be your alternate career?
My alternate career would be a fashion designer, I am obsessed with sewing & making new things. Fashion is everything to me! 

Heather Perry-San Francisco-Fashion Photographer 
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