Photoshoot & Interview - Miranda x The 2 Bandits

I'm getting pretty good at judging a  book  model by her cover portfolio. When I saw Miranda's diverse collection of images I knew I wanted to work with her. From fitness to corporate shoots she's done it all, while pulling off an array of looks.
 My plan was to take her to the closest "desert" in order to capture the southwest vibes of The 2 Bandits, the accessory brand that we layered her in.

Model: Miranda Dos Santos 

Agency: NYLO Talent

Jewelry: The 2 Bandits 
Styled By: April Hernandez

How long have you been modeling and how did you get started?
I was discovered by my two agents a few years ago, but I started taking it more seriously shortly after I started college.

You mentioned you were in school, what are you studying and what are your career plans?

I'm studying radio, television, and film production. At 30 I'd like to see myself as a Content Producer for Apple.  

 What's your favorite thing about the Bay Area?

That I get to call it home.

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?
I'm always in the mood for Paris.

 If you could work with any designer who would it be?

Isabel Marant or Chloé

What is your favorite "bad" food?

Green tea ice cream

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