Lounging around the French Riviera, Nice, France

France has been on my mind. Ideas of sifting through images from my recent trip danced in my head. The reality of a hectic schedule halted that, until now. With a quick blip in the schedule a moment was allotted to refresh my memory on what took place just months ago in the south of France. I was back at work and caught in daydreams of a much tanner time lazing away on the beach, sipping French wine straight from the bottle while puffing Gauloises. It was time to re-visit. 

The trip originated in Paris, which I will post when time allows, but the south of France is what stole my heart. Per usual, last minute decisions were made to head to the Cote d'azur (French Riviera) and go from there. Nice is where we ended up, posted steps from rocky beaches with piercing blue water. All that was left was to explore this slice of French heaven. The water was warm & calm two things that will suck me in for the day. The first few days were dedicated to worshipping the beach, which I find cures jet-lag.  Not sure if it's the wine, however lying on a rocky beach was more comfortable than anticipated. 

The gorgeous Promenade des Anglais is a wide path along the beach to, walk, skate or bike down . It curves around the island, hugging the ocean. A stroll uphill along the cliffs is a great workout with the most amazing views. Tucked into the island are diverse bays housing colorful fishing boats neighbored by bigger more luxurious yachts.

Strolling the city is just as vibrant as the vibe on the beach. Bright open plazas are filled to the brim and the cafe life phenomenon is in full effect. All of this providing perfect nights to loiter around a cafe and people watch.

When I heard of Old Town Nice I instantly knew this was going to be the highlight of my trip. I was expecting narrow alleyways painted in shades of cheerful color combos, refreshing my love for color. Places like Old San Juan, Puerto Rico came to mind, along with Sayulita, Mexico.  Old Town was Heather approved and where my love was solidified for this place.

I visited Nice shortly after the tragic events that took place on July 14, 2016 where 87 people lost their lives. I was hesitant to visit not wanting to selfishly have a "bad trip". The resiliency, charm and warm open arms that we were met with were priceless and made the trip even more profound. Amazingly beautiful interactions with complete strangers during a stressful time reminded me of the inherent good that is in this world.  

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