New York Fashion Week with Barcelona Label,Denibi

Based in Barcelona, fashion house Denibi travelled to the states to showcase their fall/winter 2017 collection at New York Fashion Week. Inspired by a character in a show he watched as a child, designer Fadel Denibi sent feminine tailored pieces down the runway. Agatha, the character in which inspired him is represented by silhouettes that mimic flowers. Hems that resemble flower petals and high funnel necks are a nod to Agatha's femininity. Fadel Denibi also works in other mediums that were flaunted in the show. Masks handmade in Senegal sat on leather backpacks and the models fingers were adorned with 3-D printed rings. The collection carries a succinct color palette in shades of black, white and blue with hints of yellow snuck in.

Pre-show backstage

Runway Show

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