Eating my way around La Boqueria Market in Barcelona, Spain

Located in the heart of Barcelona, La Boqueria, is one of the most famous food markets in Europe. The market is full of life, and activates all the senses. The sounds of languages from a variety of countries fills the air along with smells that change depending on which part of the market you're in. Upon entering through the wrought-iron gates you are greeted with rows of colorful fruit stands. The fruit comes in a multitude of choices, from cut-up pieces in cups to ice packed shelves of juices from an unimaginable number of combinations (kiwi-coconut was the winner). The further back in the market you go is where you are introduced to an assortment of empanadas, sweet and savory crepes to pizzas. Chocolate and cheese stands are mixed throughout, and its hard to not get seduced by both. La Boqueria is a literal meat market. Here you can find every imaginable and unimaginable parts of a cow.  Suffer from a sweet-tooth? You'll have problems here. Stalls that are jam-packed with colorful pieces of sugary treats are there to aid in cavity formations. I went here pretty much everyday of my trip and tried and discovered some amazing tastes of Spain.

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