Los Angeles Fashion Week-Candice Cuoco X Vanessa Simmons X Bad Butterfly Collection

Bad Butterfly is the ultra-feminine women's wear collection designed by two filthy feminists Candice Cuoco and Vanessa Simmons. The collection is the perfect marriage of the two designers, feminine and girly with hints of sharp and edgy mixed in. Flowers and butterflies adorned breezy silk dresses faceted with leather studded trim. The collection hosts looks ranging from bright floral and sexy to structured black leather looks rocked by finger wave clad babes. Corseted tops cinched in waists and chokers that read "choke me" wrapped around the neck. A blue and white off the shoulder jumpsuit that appeared innocent was rocked with an overcoat that had “Go Fuck Yourself” embroidered on the back in the most feminine of fonts. The lines between lady-like and bad ass bitch were definitely blurred in the metamorphosis of this collection. 

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