The Faena South Beach, Miami With Chris Lavish

It all started a few years back at New York fashion week to be exact.  A Shoulder-to-shoulder party packed to the stylish "brim" with the downtown crowd that flocked to Milk Studios. Sauntering through the crowd towering over everyone, a tattooed gentleman flashing fluorescent green hair. His eclectic style grabbed my attention, I couldn't help but snap a picture in passing... So began our fashion week run-ins and photos on the go. It was no surprise for our paths to cross in Miami. On a typical tropical Miami afternoon we linked up at the Faena hotel, and naturally snapped some images. 

Interview soon 

The Faena situated in South beach is the brainchild of Argentine Architect Alan Faena. The goal was to create a literal place to dream. A place that invokes old Glamour…in a modern way. The fantastical murals of Juan Gatti welcome you as you step inside and are instantly transported into the Mr. Faena’s dream world. A nine foot gilded skeleton of a mammoth by Damian Hirst stands in the courtyard another hint that this place is like no other. The fantasy world of Alan Faena serving the perfect backdrop for Chris's creative style. 

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