Hanging Out In gold country, cripple creek, Colorado

In the 1890s this was the place to be. Cripple Creek, Colorado, nestled at foothills of white capped mountains hitting at 9,500 feet above sea level. This valley was once the worlds greatest gold camps. Gold was discovered here in 1890 by lucky cowboy, Bob Womack. Soon after this discovery thousands flocked here to secure their bags as well. After the height of the gold rush the town dissipated leaving few behind. A revival came in 1991 as gambling was legalized. The towns historic district is deemed a national landmark by the National Park Service and several plaques along the strip give insight into the rich history of the buildings and their inhabitants. 

The last time I was here I think I was fourteen. With the historic buildings and my distant memories this was a journey back in time. 

P.S. Altitude sickness is real here. 

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