Traveling with no itinerary, Guanajuato, Mexico

travel guanajuato mexico

Traveling with an itinerary is how most people like to adventure. We flew to Mexico with no plans and decided we would see where we landed. There is a magical feeling of the unknown when flying by the seat of your pants, which is how we ended up in Guanajuato, a desert-vibed town in the hills of Mexico. 

visit guanajuato mexico cityscape

Located in central Mexico, Guanajuato was founded in 1556 and possesses a rich mining history and an altitude of over 6000 feet above sea level. The town is filled with colonial architecture and rows and rows of colorful houses sprawling along the hillside. 

The town center, where we posted up, is a maze of narrow cobblestone streets, reminiscent of southern France.  Manicured plazas, centuries-old churches, and houses painted in vivid hues provide plenty of eye candy. We spent days wandering the streets, our first day with an extremely knowledgeable tour guide that provided an in-depth history lesson. 

When the sun goes down, the town's plazas come alive. The majority of restaurants have outdoor seating and provide the perfect opportunity to relax, eat, and people watch. The cool mountain air is filled with sounds of endless Mariachi bands that parade through the plazas with crowds of people singing and dancing behind them. 

After days spent exploring this walkable town, it was a pleasure to return to a calming atmosphere. Relaxing by the pool or on the terrace with dramatic views, the Edelmira hotel proved to be the perfect refuge. 

Visiting Guanajuato was spontaneous and magical, proving the best things do come in small packages. Landing in this small town tucked in the valley of the Central Mexican Plateau proved to be both a pleasant surprise and experience.  Can't wait to see where we land next. 

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