Hotel Criol, Queretaro, Mexico

Hotel Criol Queretaro Mexico Heather Perry Travel

The journey through Mexico continues as we head from San Miguel de Allende to the neighboring town of Queretaro. Searching for flights bound for Oaxaca, Queretaro was the nearest airport. With flights not available until the following day, we posted up for a night at Hotel Criol.

Hotel Criol Queretaro Mexico

Located in the town's historic city center, a Unesco World Heritage Site, Hotel Criol is a mix of design, culture, and community. This town, like many others in Mexico, is built upon colonial architecture. Tucked away on an unassuming street, the doors at Hotel Criol open up into the eclectic world they've created. 

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Designed by Miguel Concha Architecture, their design is semi-desert, the historic center of Queretaro and the strength of the modern city experienced at the same time. The most impressive fact about the construction of the hotel was the employment of local materials, techniques, and people. Utilizing a local workshop to manufacture the cement floor, incorporating national pinewood in design elements, and employing workers and suppliers from the area, proves the perfect weave of design and innovation with community and sustainability. 

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The property has ample outdoor spaces designed to make you forget you're in the bustling city center. The outdoor pool deck and patio are lined with trees and modern design, the fire pit lounge is surrounded by locally sourced cacti and succulents, and an inner courtyard with trickling sounds of the water feature echoing throughout.  

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Although our stay was short and sweet, Hotel Criol's space made it easy to relax.  We enjoyed our room which was well laid out and full of unique design elements and amazing artwork, we loved the messages of conservation in the bathroom. 

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eco friendly hotel mexico

eco friendly hotel mexico

Our quick layover in Queretaro piqued our curiosity for this place. It's definitely on the list of places to return along with Hotel Criol. Although we didn't get to see much of the town, I couldn't have left without seeing the aqueduct built here in the 1720s. Running through the middle of town it still stands and we drove the length of the aqueduct on our way to the airport. 

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