Mexico PT 1: Boca de Tomatlán

I tend to be thrilled by places I'm not exactly familiar with, this mixed with a healthy fear of the unexpected, always makes for an interesting adventure. I read about Boca de Tomatlan, a sleepy fishing village nestled in between the jungle and the beach, and my curiosity got the best of me. I coughed up the 9 pesos it took to hook a bus ride from Puerto Vallarta to this mysterious place. Windy roads blanketed with greenery occasionally giving sneak peeks of the ocean, taunting me with it's deep aqua color. The ride eventually ended with the bus driver signaling my stop and there I stood in this quaint Mexican town sticking out like a sore inquisitive thumb. Instantly greeted by stray dogs, and locals that were just as curious of me, as I of them. Hiking through thick lush green hills that wound along the ocean with not a soul in sight, the only sounds were the ocean waves and my occasional I just walked into spiderweb screams. Finally landing on the secluded cove of Colomitos beach, a picture perfect slice of heaven that I literally dove right into. Lying around on this picturesque beach, home to a waterfall that tumbled down from the jungle behind and created a small river that lazily flowed by and into the ocean.  Afternoon swims and sun tanning were followed by lounging on the deck of the Ocean Grill, a restaurant tucked away hugging the ocean and is only accessible by boat. Eating fresh mahi mahi while sipping margaritas, perhaps the best ginger, lime, tequila concoction I have ever layed my lips on. As the sun began to set I hitched the water taxi back into town, and was ecstatic that I let my curiosity lead the way to this Mexican paradise.



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