Mexico PT2: Puerto Vallarta

When the need to flee strikes it leads to frantic searches for the most exotic location that will give the most bang for the buck, or in this case peso. Puerto Vallarta...close, cheap, and 80 degrees so decision made. Visions of Puerto Vallarta included tourist laden streets, cruise ships piling in, these images  forced me to pass up the best of deals here. Terrified of being a tourist amongst other tourists, I was desiring the most local of experiences. Zona Romantico's charming cobbled stone streets seemed as far south from the "tourist" area that one could get while still being in the mix.  A beach front hotel backed up to the lively downtown streets. Morning runs along the Malecon, a beach-side boardwalk, built up my appetite in order to demolish pastries from the local bakery. People watching while sipping coffee laden with Mexican chocolate that still has me whimpering. Warm nights at restaurants on the beach, accompanied by tequila infused requests to mariachis trudging through sand, dressed to the nines. I adored this tropical paradise that was only a few hours from home and also taught me a lesson... never judge a book with preconceived notions.  

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