People Watching Around The World

When posting about worldly excursions I tend to include photos of beautiful landscapes with 'yours truly' peppered in. Longing for another journey I've been ogling images of trips past. I consider myself somewhat of a people person, but more so a people watching person. These voyeuristic tendencies are heightened when I travel, obviously.  Observing people in their native environments going about daily business is intriguing. These observations generally lead to priceless interactions with locals.  Through smiles, head nods and broken language this mutual fascination is communicated, and I wanted to share my images of the beautiful people from around the world.

The Performers, Mexico City

Feathers, Mexico City
The Butcher, Hanoi, Vietnam

The Sandy Girl, Chile

The Sleeper, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Smiley, Vietnam
The Musician, San Juan, Puerto Rico
The Charra, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Break Time, Hoi An, Vietnam
VW, Montevideo, Uruguay
Patterns, Bangkok, Thailand

The Smoker, Hoi An, Vietnam
Waiting, Somewhere in Argentina
The Sous Chefs, Hanoi, Vietnam

The Cutest, Panglao, Philippines
Grandpa & Grandma, Hoi An, Vietnam

The Only Man, Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Star Catcher, Balicasag, Philippines
Winnie the Pooh, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Yoyis, Mexico City

The Meat Market, Hong Kong
The Sales Lady, Hoi An, Vietnam
Hide & Seek, Philippines

Dia De Los Muertos, Mexico

The Dried Fish Lady, Hanoi, Vietnam

The Knife Maker, Philippines
The Boat Lady, Vietnam
All Done Up, Thailand
The Masked Men, Argentina
Break Time, Thailand
The Chicas, Chile

Heavy Load, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Oysters, Mexico
Thirsty, Vietnam
Train Rides, Thailand

Snacks, Mexico

Muscles, Venice Beach
The Fruit Lady, Vietnam
The Chess Players, Mexico

The Biker Chick, Vietnam

Got An Itch, Vietnam
Gossip Girls, Mexico

The Old Man & The Rooster, Vietnam
No Legs, Vietnam

City Of Earth, Philippines

Meditating, Thailand
3 Amigas, Vietnam

3 Amigas, Chile

Balance, Vietnam

Cruising, Uruguay
The Happy Baby, Mexico

Temple, Vietnam
Pretty in pink, Hoi An
The Balancer, Ho Chi Minh

The Singing Girl, Vietnam

The Fruit Lady, Hanoi

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