Roaming Around Rome, Italy

With a last minute ticket purchase to Italy, the popular saying “When in Rome,” took on a whole new meaning. Deemed the “Eternal city,” there are countless ways this metropolis can fill up the itinerary.

It's a known fact that Rome is brimming with art history; some of the most fascinating statues, museums, and architecture reside in this city. The Vatican, Colosseum, Pantheon and Trevi fountain are guaranteed to drop jaws.  Remnants of this city’s past greet you at every turn leaving you in a historical daze.

Rome being a walking city, makes wandering through its narrow cobble stoned graffiti splattered streets and alleyways a sight all its own. Don’t be afraid to ride the equally graffiti covered subway which makes getting across the city a snap, and a visual treat.

This city is a feast for the eyes and exploring it will work up an appetite, forcing you to indulge in the mouthwatering food and wine. It is said that in Ancient Rome people would vomit after meals in order to eat more, after my first meal I totally understood this logic.

So when in Rome sip cappuccino, lurk at the architectures, and roam around this city that holds countless treasures.

Ciao xoxo

Explore the City & its Alleyways

 Waltz Into The Pantheon

Hang Around Trevi Fountain

Roam Around The Colosseum

Explore the Vatican at Night

Lurk Around the Vatican Museum & Sistine Chapel

Ride the Subway

Walk the Tiber River

Wander Around the Roman Forum

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