Los Angeles Fashion Week With Sav Noir

Sav Noir is an LA based brand designing pieces meant to be broken out once the sun goes down. Edwin Haynes the force behind the collection created a gender-less line, one that showcases the balance of society. The mood was set as near nude aerialists slung from black ropes just above the runway. Pitch black is the color story. Hints of white peeked in with leopard-ish prints covering zipper clad mini skirts, bomber jacket and slim cut pants.The little black dress was interpreted into a chain like skimpy thing that possessed the right amount of sexy. The model casting was a tattooed treat. Haynes stated that he doesn't go through agencies to cast models, but rather goes off of chemistry and vibes. This technique seemed to work as the edgy crew of models encompassed the Sav Noir mystique.

Designer Edwin Haynes

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