A Ferry ride back to my childhood, Governors Island, New York

Stepping on the ferry to glide over to Governor's Island in New York was surreal. Heading towards this 172 acre island in the middle of NYC was a vortex back into my childhood. Shiny wooden benches lining the ferry brought back memories of mis-behaved rides into Manhattan, always mesmerized by the skyline. Governor's Island has quite the history dating back to 1524, founded by Native Americans. They named the island Pagganuk meaning nut tree as there are an abundance of trees located on this urban oasis.  Castle Williams, built for defense in 1811, still stands at the tip of the Island. This castle once was a place mini me frolicked around. Walking the shore line path that hugs the outer edge of the island I stood and looked out at the direct view from where our house once stood, the Statue of Liberty standing bright in the distance. Every window in our place stared out onto Lady Liberty. Spotting the area where I learned to ride my sparkly tassel laden bike brought on the tears.  Seagulls flew overhead reminding me of sprints home from school dodging seagull shit. Many of the old buildings remained intact, and I peered through chain link fences of places that instantly drummed up feelings of nostalgia. The island was not always open to the public and I count myself lucky for having the privilege to grow up here and consider myself a true island girl and Governors Island brat. 

These ferry benches hold many memories. 

This girl played in castles when she was younger.
(Castle Williams) 

These two hills stand in the exact spot where we lived, with a direct view of Lady Liberty 

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